Supplements for FocusSupplements for Focus
Supplements for Focus - BenefitsSupplements for Focus - Benefits

Supplements for Focus

Motivate Your Mind 

No matter what you’re doing, the difference between being good and being great is your FOCUS! Hyper brain iQ can help keep your mind focused, sharp and energized every day while keeping you balanced and relaxed. Unleash your true potential and maximize your brain’s performance with this breakthrough in nootropic supplements.

Focus GummiesFocus Gummies

Each of these delicious nootropic gummies contains a potent serving of our proprietary formula to ensure you’re completely focused to take on any task. Their great taste makes them easier to take so you can stay sharp every day.

Focus CapsulesFocus Capsules

Take at least one of these easy-to-swallow nootropic capsules to help quickly improve your memory, focus and overall cognitive function. A great option for those looking for a sugar-free mental stimulant.

Supplements for Focus - Stay FocusedSupplements for Focus - Stay Focused
Supplements for Focus - Higher PerformanceSupplements for Focus - Higher Performance
Supplements for Focus - More EnergySupplements for Focus - More Energy


hyper brain iQ Supplements for Focushyper brain iQ Supplements for Focus

Scientifically Formulated 

In-depth research and our proprietary nootropic formulation of key nutrients helps elevate your mood, reduce your stress and enable you to increase and maintain a high level of mental performance. Enhance your memory, learning, focus and cognitive function.


See what satisfied hyper brain iQ users have on their minds when it comes to the numerous cognitive benefits of our one-of-a-kind formulation.

5 Star Reviews5 Star Reviews

“As a gamer, I need to be on the top of my game for hours at a time and often late into the night. hyper brain iQ gives me the competitive edge to always come out on top.”

Fran S., FL

5 Star Reviews5 Star Reviews

“My kids recommended hyper brain iQ after I mentioned I didn’t feel as sharp as I once was (I turned 63 last year). This has helped my mental function immensely and I recommend it to anyone.”

Thomas B., TN

5 Star Reviews5 Star Reviews

“I take hyper brain iQ to help me power through the rest of my workday, especially Mondays and Fridays. My business can’t afford for me to make mistakes, and this way I’m able to stay focused and get the job done right every time.”

Wendy M., AL

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