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Focus pills, also known as nootropics, from hyper brain iQ are an easy and convenient way to support your focus, energy levels and overall cognitive function. These easy-to-take capsules are formulated with a proprietary blend of key nutrients specifically selected to help promote sharper mental function while keeping you relaxed and balanced, all without the negative side effects and “crash” that often come with many other focus supplements. Need an edge? Grab some focus pills from hyper brain iQ and feel the difference our potent nootropics can make in your daily life.

 Focus Pills FAQ

What are focus pills?

Focus pills from hyper brain iQ are convenient, easy-to-take capsules containing our potent nootropic blend. These energy and focus pills are an easy way to increase your memory, focus and overall cognition whenever you need a boost. What pills help you focus? The answer is easy – hyper brain iQ nootropic capsules!

What are focus pills used for?

People use focus pills for a wide variety of reasons. Our nootropic pills for energy and focus are great for busy workers, stressed-out parents, late-night gamers or anyone else who could use an increase in their cognitive function, focus and memory.

How many focus pills do I take?

Since focus pills can affect everyone a little differently, we recommend starting with just one or two capsules until you get familiar with how our nootropic blend will make you feel. Then, you can adjust your serving size as needed to get the effects you’re after.

How long does it take focus pills to work?

Nootropic focus and energy pills from hyper brain iQ affect everyone a little bit differently, based on a variety of factors. That said, most people will feel the effects within an hour or so of taking our focus pills.

Are focus pills safe?

Indeed! At hyper brain iQ, we oversee the entire production process from start to finish in our own in-house manufacturing facility. This allows us to create the best focus pills on the market, backed by both in-house and third-party lab tests, to ensure that they are potent, consistent and safe to use every day.

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