Are Nootropics Safe?

Are Nootropics Safe?

Have you been looking to improve your energy and boost your brain’s performance? Well, nootropics might be the answer for you! These cognitive-enhancing products and supplements claim to take your focus, memory and creativity to the next level, but are nootropics safe? Continue reading to discover what nootropics are and how safe they are before adding them to your wellness routine.  

What are Nootropics?

Before we dive into the question “Are nootropics safe?” let’s get an idea of what nootropics are. Nootropics are understood as any substance that stimulates and assists cognitive function. Nootropics can range from natural stimulants to prescription drugs and are used to improve focus and overall mental performance.

Most of us consume some form of over-the-counter nootropics daily, including caffeine or supplements with amino acids, herbs and extracts. You can buy these products at a convenience store or online. Prescription nootropics like Adderall, Provigil and Ritalin are intended to treat certain disorders and should not be used to boost brainpower.

Are Nootropics Safe?

Generally, over-the-counter nootropics are safe when you follow the recommended serving size. If you have that extra cup of coffee or energy drink during the day, you may start to feel on edge. Before taking a nootropic supplement, you should always check the ingredient label to verify what’s in it first. Nootropic supplements containing amino acids, extracts and herbs are safe for consumption but should be used in moderation. As for prescription nootropics, they are only safe to use when prescribed by a doctor. You should not take these nootropics to increase your focus and energy because they pose certain health risks.

Do Nootropics Have Side Effects?

As mentioned above, if you exceed the recommended intake for over-the-counter nootropics, you may experience certain side effects. Too much caffeine may cause jitters and your heart to race, leaving you feeling tired later. Nootropic supplements with quality ingredients don’t typically have adverse side effects, but they can affect everyone’s brain chemistry at a different rate and interact with certain medications. 

If you take prescription nootropics without your doctor’s approval, you may experience serious side effects. Prescription nootropics may cause insomnia, blurry vision, high blood pressure and may even lead to addiction.

Where Can I Buy the Best Nootropics?

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