What are Nootropics?

What are Nootropics?

“What are nootropics?” has become a popular question amongst those interested in increasing their energy levels and concentration. Drinking multiple coffees or energy drinks to stay awake usually leaves you feeling jittery and unfocused just to crash later in the day. Nootropic formulas, however, show promise to boost your energy levels and keep you focused for more extended periods of time. Continue reading to find out what these brain-boosting supplements are.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics are a class of substances that have stimulant effects and enhance brain performance. Generally, nootropics can be broken into two categories: over-the-counter and prescription. Over-the-counter nootropics can be obtained almost anywhere, including caffeine, tea and omega-3 fatty acids. Prescription nootropics include Adderall and Ritalin and must be prescribed by doctors.

Nootropic supplements can contain various ingredients that may help improve memory, brain function, creativity and motivation. The ingredients in nootropics can range from a mix of vitamins and minerals to natural chemicals and synthetic compounds.  

Do nootropics work?

Yes, depending on which type of nootropic you take, they may be effective in offering cognitive benefits. Nootropics can potentially improve your state of mind, alertness and reduce brain fog while keeping you relaxed. Certain products may suit your lifestyle better, whether you want nootropics for energy or nootropics for focus.

Are nootropics safe?

Over-the-counter nootropics are usually safe when taken in moderation and prescription nootropics should not be taken unless prescribed by your doctor.

When purchasing nootropics from hyper brain iQ, you can have complete confidence in our proprietary nootropic formula. What you see on our labels is exactly what’s in our products. All our nootropics are lab tested in-house to ensure the safety, purity and potency of each batch.

As with most supplements, they may have side effects and interact with certain medications. If you’re unsure whether hyper brain iQ’s nootropic formula is right for you, consult with your medical professional before adding it to your daily routine. 

What are the best nootropics?

Now that you know the answer to “what are nootropics?” you can begin to scour the web to find the best nootropics for sale. You may see plenty of options out there, but none will match the quality of those from hyper brain iQ. All hyper brain iQ nootropics are carefully manufactured in-house by experienced formulators and chemists. Our proprietary nootropic formula features taurine, AlphaSize® 100P, SerinAid® 70P, L-Theanine, ginseng extract, several vitamins and minerals to increase your mental focus and maximize your brain’s performance, without the crash or jittery feeling that often occur with many other other energy supplements.

Where can I buy nootropics?

You can purchase most over-the-counter nootropics at any convenience store. But for prescription nootropics, you’ll need a doctor’s prescription. For trusted nootropics that give you the mental boost you need, look no further than hyper brain iQ. You can easily purchase the best nootropic supplements for focus online. You can also find hyper brain iQ’s collection of nootropics for energy at select convenience stores nationwide.

When answering the question, “what are nootropics?” there are plenty of options out there for brain-enhancing supplements. Give our focus gummies or focus capsules a try and see for yourself how they can help unleash your true potential!


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