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Focus gummies from hyper brain iQ are the tastiest, most fun way to boost mental sharpness, concentration and overall cognitive function daily. Also known as nootropics, our focus gummies include a special blend of key ingredients selected to provide enhanced memory, focus and clarity, all without the “crash” or any other negative side effects that often come with other competing products. And best of all, these delicious gummies are easy and fun to take! No matter what challenges you’re facing, reclaim your energy, focus and overall mental acuity and tackle your day with the help of hyper brain iQ focus gummies.

 Focus Gummies FAQ

What are focus gummies?

Focus gummies are part of a class of products known as nootropics that are formulated to help provide improved memory, cognition and focus in a fun and delicious way.

What are focus gummies used for?

People take focus gummies for all sorts of reasons, because who couldn’t benefit from improved mental sharpness, energy and concentration levels? Whether you’re dealing with chaos at work, a busy family life or just looking for an energy boost before your next gaming session with friends, our focus gummies can give you the edge you need to power through.

How many focus gummies should I eat?

We recommend starting with just one or two of our focus gummies. That might be hard, considering how delicious they are! But starting with a smaller serving size will allow you to acclimate to the effects of our brain focus gummies, and you can then adjust your serving size from there.

How long does it take focus gummies to work?

Nootropic focus gummies affect everyone slightly differently, but you can likely expect to feel the effects within roughly an hour after consuming them.

Are focus gummies safe?

Yes! All hyper brain iQ products are manufactured entirely in-house, where we can oversee every single step of the production process. We also verify each batch with in-house lab tests backed by third-party lab tests, so you can trust the consistency, potency and safety of our products. By maintaining close control over the entire manufacturing process, we’re able to create the best focus gummies on the market.

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