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The hyper brain iQ line of nootropic gummies and capsules helps support your memory, focus, mood, energy level and overall cognitive function. All our products feature a proprietary formulation of key nutrients designed to promote better, sharper brain activity while keeping you balanced and relaxed. To ensure you’re enjoying a safe, effective product, we lab test all our products on-site to verify their contents and quality.

hyper brain iQ FAQ

What are nootropics?

Nootropics, like hyper brain iQ gummies and capsules, are supplements formulated to improve your memory, focus and overall cognitive function. Hyper brain iQ nootropic products are formulated with key nutrients to also help you relax and increase your energy.

What is hyper brain iQ used for?

While we could all benefit from improved mental sharpness every day, hyper brain iQ is perfect for those taking on tasks that require exceptional focus, mental clarity and energy. From going above and beyond at the office to getting that competitive edge while playing video games, hyper brain iQ can help keep you sharper, for longer.

Where can I find hyper brain iQ products?

Our hyper brain iQ focus gummies and focus capsules can be found both online and in your local stores. While we encourage you to get out there and find hyper brain iQ in your local stores, the easiest way to get our gummies and capsules is online.

Is hyper brain iQ safe?

Yes! We rigorously lab test all our hyper brain iQ products on-site, as part of our completely in-house manufacturing process, to ensure their potency, efficacy and safety.

Where is hyper brain iQ made?

All our hyper brain iQ products are manufactured completely in-house, from formulation to shipping, at our state-of-the-art facility in Tampa, FL. This way, we can ensure every step of the manufacturing process meets our standards to produce a truly exceptional nootropic product. Our products are proudly made in the USA.

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